Bridges III – A Sistahs Black Like Me Production


A few weeks ago I came to New York for a family event. While here, I took the wrong “A” train and asked Sophia Loren Coffee, (a stranger at the time) for directions. We became instant friends.

I was so excited to meet Sophia! She was warm, opened- minded and fascinating. We spoke non-stop until she got off at the Harlem stop.

Sophia gave me my first opportunity to Instablog at Harlem Besame and invited me to Bridges III the following week.

I had to go Montreal for Father’s Day, but was already working on a return ticket to New York for: Bridges III – a Clarke Clark Production.

I couldn’t remember the last time I went to a Spokenword show. But as the time came closer to Bridges III, the more I was excited.


When I got to the second half of the show, I felt the impact of the first half. The atmosphere was profoundly sharp.

As I moved my way through the room I saw Kareem Hayes, Author of Necessary Evil, and the Nu – a Black History Educator.


Karem Hayes Author of Necessary Evil

Walking into the auditorium, my spirit felt an instant connection to the atmosphere. As I entered, the lagos from the first half of the show hit my spirit. Instant “soul surge”.


I spoke to Clarke Clark on the eve of the show to request a Press Pass. I was extremely nervous. Then I heard YES. My sales pitch was cutdown with: “Yes, you can have a press pass to the show” – Clarke Clark.

Clarke Clark gave me the opportunity to “Instablog-blog” her show.

Meeting her was nerve wrecking. I kept thinking: I’m not ready to meet her! I’m not ready! As Lee Olive Tucker lead me to her dressing room.

There she was: beautiful, saltry and stoccato. She shook my hand, welcomed me and acknowledged my presence to Instablog/blog the show.

I stood in her presence in awe and admiration. Humbled.


The first half of the show dealt with socio-politicial issues – past and present. While the second half dealt with love and it’s complexities.


Lee Olive Tucker & The Nu


The performances were flawless. Finding out later that one of the scenes did not go according to the script, was complete shock. It just worked right into the show.


Lee Olive Tucker & Clarke Clake


1) Clarke Clark: Executive Producer & Creative Director

2) Mary McDonald: Stage Manager & Artist Assoc. Producer

3) Baba Oluwole: Host & Magician

4) Julius Tajiddin

5) GhettoJedi

6) Lee Olive Tucker

7) Thomas Moran

8) Darria Credle

9) Bongo

10) Blue

11) Amir The Spoken Word Alchemist

12) Earl Majette

13) Carlos Bencosme

14) Shaheed Woods

15) Tahliah Fuller

16) Kim B. Miller

17) Tracy

“Sistahs Black Like Me! Production is committed to bridging the gap between Poetry, Theater, Music and Dance. We redefine the lines of love, soul & happiness for our communities at large” – Clarke

The End